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David Turnham is located in southern Indiana, and has approximately 310 students in grades PK-6. The mission of David Turnham Educational Center is to provide a safe, caring, inviting environment where both adults and students are learners.  All students are supported in their development of their academic growth as well as their character and citizenship traits. We are building a group of learners who will "be the change" we all wish to see in our world.  We feel that staff, parents, students, and the community share equally in the responsibility of maintaining our thriving learning environment.  

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DT STAR Announcements & Happenings

February 2019 We have some “little” news to warm your hearts!  We talk a lot in our school about how each of us have the opportunity to make the world a better place.  We also talk about how small acts of kindness can change the world. We have 15 young ladies who have taught themselves and each other how to knit newborn hats for babies in the NICU.  These young ladies have been spending recesses, and free time outside of school, creating the cutest hats! They set a goal with Mrs. Fulkerson to have 100 hats by May. We are happy, and extremely proud, to announce they mailed off 120 hats to Riley’s Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis last Friday.  They have set a new goal, and plan to send their next shipment to the children’s hospital in Louisville. Please join me in celebrating the good deeds of the following DT STARS:

FRONT ROW: Anna Deorto, Alaina Greenwood, Chloe Jennings, Sydney Meadors, Chloe Coleman, Jaylynn Wroe, Christa Wroe BACK ROW:  Kathy Ortiz, Fernanda Lara, Paige Hart, Kerigan Pund, Anna Klueh, Kendra Hagedorn, and Savannah Gogel

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