Welcome to David Turnham Education Center

David Turnham is located in southern Indiana, and has approximately 310 students in grades PK-6. The mission of David Turnham Educational Center is to provide a safe, caring, inviting environment where both adults and students are learners.  All students are supported in their development of their academic growth as well as their character and citizenship traits. We are building a group of learners who are always learning and always growing.  We feel that staff, parents, students, and the community share equally in the responsibility of maintaining our thriving learning environment.  

DT STAR Announcements & Happenings

The building improvements being made to David Turnham are coming up quickly!  The renovations will include classroom walls, floors, windows and ceilings being completely redone.  Each classroom will also have a VAC unit helping to keep the air purified and clean.  The classrooms will have new shelving and cubbies, dry erase and tack boards, and new technology.  These new classrooms will add to the learning experience of each student that comes to David Turnham for years to come.  Because of the extensive renovations beginning in January, some classes will be relocated for the remainder of the school year.  The first classrooms to be renovated will be the preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade classrooms.  We will create similar learning environments for the classrooms that are being moved.   Please contact Mrs. Henrickson if you have any questions.

DTEC Improvements.pdf