Monthly STARS

2020- 2021 STARS Each month students displaying all around good character or displaying tremendous growth are selected for this award. Students receive a dog tag recognizing this accomplishment and have a pizza lunch with Principal Henrickson. Special thanks to Jenk's Pizza for donating the lunch.


Mrs. Welp: Ellie Tempel

Ms. Gehlhausen: Adam Pulley

Mrs. Souders: Maverick Hoffman

Mrs. Schaeffer: Olive Hopper

Mrs. Scherry: Makayla Schaefer

Mrs. Weyer: Owen Flamion

Mrs. Balbach: Carter Simon

Mrs. Dilger: Blake Seifert

Mrs. Keller: Norah Knox

Mrs. Tretter: Kaydence Offil

Mrs. Myers: Brooklyn Lautner

Mr. Schulthise:  Estella Philipps

Mrs. Campbell:  Tyler Bowling

Ms. Martin - Carter Kress


Ms. Gehlhausen: Stella Bretz

Mrs. Welp: Colt Garrett

Mrs. Souders: Veronika Englert

Mrs. Schaeffer: Jili Halder

Mrs. Weyer: Madi Myers

Mrs. Scherry: Cam Kress

Mrs. Dilger: Emmalyn Lathery

Mrs. Balbach: Cora Dunbar

Mrs. Tretter: Ainsley Quinn

Mrs. Keller: Andrea Sandoval

Mrs. Myers: Rachel Pulley

Mr. Schulthise: Hunter Foltz

Mrs. Campbell: Emma Fischer

Ms. Martin: Maritza Lopez


Ms. Gehlhausen: Kallen Pund

Mrs. Welp:Tarynn Schaeffer

Mrs. Souders: Brody Stephens 

Mrs. Weyer: Isabella Smith

Mrs. Scherry: Maggie Tempel

Mrs. Dilger:  Khloe Werne 

Ms. Balbach: Alexis Balbach

Mrs. Keller: Juan Sanchez

Mrs. Tretter: Ariyana Hurley
Schulthise: Aleida Sandoval

Mrs. Myers: Jose Barco

Mrs. Campbell: Garrett Foster

Ms. Martin: Melinda Sandoval