Montly STARS and Pals

November 2017 STARS Each month students displaying all around good character or displaying tremendous growth are selected for this award. Students receive a dog tag recognizing this accomplishment and have a pizza lunch with Principal Jazyk. Special thanks to Jenk's Pizza for donating the lunch.

Grade K Gehlhausen - Jesus Angeles

Grade K Welp - Khloe Werne

Grade 1 Souders - Braylee Bender

Grade 1 Tretter - Beau Schaefer

Grade 2 Scherry - Tori Wahl

Grade 2 Weyer - Samson Etienne

Grade 3 Dilger - Angel Crabtree

Grade 3 - Kress - Abigale Spurlock

Grade 4 - Balbach -Vanessa Gogel

Grade 4 - Keller - Cordelia Arning

Grade 5 - Schulthise- Savannah Gogel

Grade 5  - Winkler - Anna Klueh

Grade 6 - Fulkerson- Daelynn Fakes

Grade 6 - Martin - Tristin Meredith

November 2017 Banner Winner Each month all staff nominate the class showing the best good character around the building. The winning class is awarded the banner at the STARS Program and are treated to an extra recess! This month congratulations goes to Ms. G's Kindergarten class!