About Us

David Turnham’s Beliefs

  • We believe in a positive and safe environment where students feel respected, supported, and valued. It is essential for students to feel the freedom to learn from their mistakes and acknowledge their successes in order to flourish.

  • We believe the school staff needs to focus on a shared vision, goals, and actions to improve student performance.

  • We believe that all students can learn when expectations are clear, challenging, and attainable.

  • We believe teachers and our students must be lifelong learners. It is our responsibility to equip students with the necessary skills to adapt to technological, social, and economic changes that will prepare them to collaborate in the global world in which they live.

  • We believe each student is a valued individual with unique needs who learns and grows through his or her experiences in visual arts, performing arts, technological, skills, development of physical abilities, and enrichment activities.

  • We believe that all students learn differently and show individual growth when a curriculum includes a variety of learning activities, instructional approaches, and assessments that are used to accommodate differences in student learning.

  • We believe all students are entitled to research based and developmentally appropriate instruction that challenges and engages students in their development of skills and citizenship.

  • We believe all students must “learn how to learn” using a variety of thinking and reasoning strategies in order to become self-directed, independent learners.

  • We believe teachers, parents, students, and the community share the responsibility for helping students learn.