Welcome to David Turnham Education Center

David Turnham is located in southern Indiana, and has approximately 330 students in grades PK-6. The mission of David Turnham Educational Center is to provide a safe, caring, inviting environment where both adults and students are learners.  All students are supported in their development of their academic growth as well as their character and citizenship traits. We are building a group of learners who will "be the change" we all wish to see in our world.  We feel that staff, parents, students, and the community share equally in the responsibility of maintaining our thriving learning environment.  

Take a chance to explore our webspace and come back regularly for news and updates.  

DT STAR Announcements & Happenings

We have undergone a recent renovation and addition! Between June 2016 and August 2017 the following areas have been added/renovated:  cafeteria, kitchen, converting locker rooms to offices, all student restrooms, front office moving to front of building, computer lab becoming a learning lab.  If you haven't stopped in to see us yet please do so!

We moved into our new office August 4, 2017!

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August 1 Kids First Festival

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